Protection of the integrity of the goods

We care about the integrity of the goods during transportation, for which purpose we have developed reliable packaging and transport pallets.

Packaging and corrugated pallets

All types of protective spirals of production HYDROSERVICE are packed into cardboard boxes. Boxes are made of a five-layer cellulose corrugated cardboard of increased rigidity. For each size of the spiral developed its own box that allows you to achieve the minimum amount of cargo for transport companies. boxes stacked on pallets made of the same corrugated cardboard. Pallets are lightweight, which reduces the overall weight of the cargo for transport companies. After use, pallets with boxes can be recycled.
Cardboard boxes have a special disposable cut-out opening for quick and convenient access to a packaged helix.

Original protective packaging spiral
Light weight of boxes and pallets
Packaging can be sent for recycling.
Fast unpacking helix for use
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